Interface Design

Brainstorming Apps Idea

  1. De-Stress App, a app committed to helping students relax and lower their stress levels. It could have relaxations music, tips to vent, calming videos, etc.
  2. Daily Goals/ Daily To Do List App. Serves similar to a Journal app but instead of journal entries it’ll have goal list. We can make it a social app and compare goals with your friends.
  3. Face Traits App. You take two different pictures of people and the software will analyze things and point out similar physical traits on the face. It point out things like if both people have monolids, the same color of hair, same complexion, etc. It’ll also have a percentage of how much they resemble each other. You’ll be able to have your own profile and it’ll also link you to other users that have a high resemblance percentage with you.

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