Interface Design

Unit 6 Reading Response

Design Principles for Android

I thought it was interesting that the first guideline said that “a well-timed sound effect is a joy to experience.” When we were critiquing portfolio websites, the sound effect that Alex had incorporated into his site had negative feedback. I guess it’s different for phones. Most apps do have their own sounds, but it’s strange for a website on a computer screen to have the same effect.

The guidelines are basically the same ones that I’ve learned  from the book or from class. Like keep things simple, if the items look the same then treat them the same, etc.

The only new stuff that I learned is that apps should let the user have some control for customization and to include “previous choices within easy reach.” Which is definitely true. I wished that more apps let you customize the color or background of the app setting. This would allow the app to be more personal.

The Flat Design Era

I liked this just because it’s mostly pictures and it’s way easier for me to understand things in terms of contents. Flat design  holds a more of a cartoon-like vibe.

Skeuomorphism is basicallly when certain out-dated style or design is reused for a new feature even though it’s functional need is gone. I didn’t realized that Apple uses this technique for most of their gadgets.

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