Interface Design

Unit 7 Reading Response

99% Invisible Podcast Episode “Title TK”

I thought that the was that he introduced/ began the podcast was delightful and so was the background music. I agree with him completely, the name is important. I never really thought that there was a design element to naming things until he point it out. I also now know that names for brands can be separated into 3 categories: descriptive, arbitrary and suggestive. It was definitely interesting how he constructed his podcast. It had several samples from other podcast/documentaries woven into it.

Chapter 10. Mobile: It’s not just a city in Alabama anymore

I love how the author refers to smart phones as “tiny, time-wasting overlords.” Just on the first page, the chapter holds similar content to the podcast. They both bring up Apple. People may be moving faster on mobile devices but they are not necessarily reading less. There is just fewer content on mobile than on desktop. I think it’s so ridiculous how all the rules all the basics you learned to create websites are almost entirely different when you design an app. First off, you need to make the important stuff even more noticeable. You can’t use the hover function anymore for emphasis. Then you have to be considerate of button states, zooming in, scrolling, swiping, tapping, etc. Even though on the desktop there was only clicking. Not to mention you have to make it obvious for the user that they have to do those commands to get the content that they’re looking for. It just seems like such a hassle.

What The Heck is Responsive Web Design? by John Polacek

Okay, I honesty didn’t realize that I was supposed to scroll down at first. I ended up clicking a few links before scrolling down. The format was different from what I initially expected. I thought it was going to be an article. The content in the website was things I’ve heard of before from teachers, so nothing new there. I did like some of the examples he used like Present Obama’s website.


70 Stunning Responsive Sites for Your Inspiration by Mobify

Smartphone Stress by BBC News

How to Name Your Business by Entrepreneur 


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