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Week 6 Project Two Classmate Feedback


She really didn’t like the circular shape of of my design for the zodiac. She said it was too generic and it’s been done a million times. She suggested that I should think of a new layout. Like now where all the zodiac animals are in a line together or one where they are in a landscape.


She like my design. She said that I should make it more childish and cartoon like. It would make things easier on me because my design requires a lot of elements.

Digital Illustration

Week 4 P1 Prelim Critque Notes


He guessed that I should tone the girl because it takes away from the thought bubble. He suggested that I should add more emphasize on the thought bubble. He gave told me that the thought bubble had too much going on. That there are too many images in it and advised me to only have one specific graphic for each bad influence.  I found his advice extremely helpful and will definitely incorporate everything he suggested to my final.


When Rainier made the suggestion to emphasize the thought bubble, she advised me to actually make the girl smaller. She also suggested that I should move the girl around to make my illustration more balanced. She also told me that I should try to make the girl look more younger because as of this moment she looks like a young adult rather than a small child. She suggested that I should make the girl’s eyes bigger, change her hairstyle to pigtails, as well as softer up her jawline. I thought that Tiffany’s advice was the most help out of everyone’s. She gave me more specific advice on what to improve on.


She gave me many different concepts to think off for my illustration. She suggested that I should incorporate a used condom in my thought bubble to symbolize sex.


He told me that I should create a background. Something that would tie the whole illustration together. There were ideas of just something textured, a gradient background, an elementary school, a school bus and a little girl’s room.

Digital Illustration

Week 2 – Classmate Feedback


She advised me that I should add more symbols to my designs for my concepts. Things like a death skull, poison mask, etc. Basically symbols that people associate as something negative and shouldn’t be taken lightly. She concluded that by doing this readers would be immediately pulled into the article and it made my illustration way more eye-grabbing.


He advise me to go through with the concept of the little girl vs the older girl. He told me that I should somehow show the little girl idolizing her older self , while the older girl looks confused. It is as if she’s lost and doesn’t know how she got to the place she is now. He pointed out that this illustration will make readers feel sympathetic of the issue and would read the article more willingly.

Digital Illustration

Project One Inspiration

1. Katharine Asher

Orange Lip Biter illustration by Katharine Asher

I chose her and her work as my inspiration because I love her style. I’m a huge fan of water color. Plus, her technique and brush stones are so elegant.

2. Philip Bannister

Yet, another artist that uses water color has gotten in my list. Although, it does use the same medium as Asher’s, Bannister’s work holds more realism and depth.

3. James Grover

I love the repetitive style the artist uses. I love the sense of symbolism and the tribal-like designs. His works are what I want as my home decor.

Digital Illustration

Project 1 Sketches


Concept One: What kissing is like in kindergarten vs. what TV makes you think of it when you get older.

Don't Listen

Concept Two: What the TV, media and songs put into a child’s name and the things that kids end up blocking.

Family Time

Concept Three: Parental control going down the drain as they allow their kids to watch highly sexual scenes on TV shows and movies.

Innocent Lyrics

Concept Four: The stuff kindergartners hear vs. what high school students hear.

Miley Cyrus

Concept Five: A teen watching Miley Cyrus acting inappropriately.

Reality Actuality

Concept Six: What a girl looks like in actuality vs what pop culture perceives her as.

Room to Party

Concept Seven: A little girl sleeping in her room and a room where teens are throwing a party.

Room to Room

Concept Eight: What a boy’s room looks like vs what it looks like when he’s a teenager.

Sex Sells

Concept Nine: A collage of song artists that depend on making songs about sex to make their millions.

Song Lyrics

Concept Ten: A teenager enjoying music that has really lucrative lyrics.

Teenage Thought

Concept Eleven: A teenager with a thought bubble that holds all the content that society gives him/her.


Concept Twelve: Halloween – what a little girl wears vs what a teenager wears.